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Fighting games are very popular among casual as well as hardcore gamers due to the level of enjoyment that they provide. These games can be credited with bringing gaming to the level at which it is present today. These are said to be one of the most competitive games and are responsible for bringing e-sports in the mainstream.

Fighting games are generally based around 1 on 1 combat against another player or computer-controlled program. Traditionally, the arena where the player's fight is an enclosed field and the players will have to master various skills like movement, blocking, counter attacks, special attacks, and combos. These games are tough to master as there are a lot of characters with different moves and combos that are done with different key binds.

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Nearly all the fighting games are built for multiplayer gaming where you can challenge a friend for a match. The best thing about these games is that multiple players can easily play them on a single device, without any issues. Games like super boxing, Street of Anarchy Fist of war and last Knight on 46 Play will provide you the true essence of fighting games.

Traditionally, fighting games focus more on player mechanics and smoothness in the gameplay than the graphics but recent fighting games like the Age of war, dead fight, etc. have changed. Games released in recent years have significantly improved graphics that create an immersive playing experience for players. Every year many e-sports events take place all around the world that showcases some of the best fighting game players battling each other. These games now utilize some of the best game physics, sound effects, and graphic design, which has led them to achieve one of the highest fandom ever.

These games originated in Japan to be specific and some of the first fighting games were based around martial arts from China and Japan. As time progressed, these games made way to the European markets and more characters and fighting styles were introduced to appeal to the European audience. This helped the fighting games to get recognized by more and more serious gamers and a strong community was then developed.

Prominent fighting video game titles have released newer and upgraded versions that were suited to the ever-rising demand of players and had great features like LAN multiplayer, Tag team matches, Online multiplayer and Co-op modes were added to make the games even better than before. Games like Protect the kingdom, Gun mayhem, etc. are a perfect example of how fighting games have developed over the years.

These games are usually played in rounds and the player that has won more round wins. This is why these games are considered very balanced as all the different characters have their weaknesses and specialties, which if used wisely can change the course of the game at any given moment. Players can also customize various cosmetics of their favorite characters, by changing their dresses, hairstyle and a lot of other characteristics. As your experience progresses in the game, you will also get to unlock new fight arenas and characters that you can use in-game. This is why these games are widely loved as they provide equal chances to everyone and will not require you to spend a lot of money.