Category:- Puzzles

Puzzle video games are the most popular genre of gaming according to some experts. These games are very fun to play and are easy to understand as well. The difficulty of puzzle games like space rescue and magic match can be changed according to your preferences, so that you can easily understand the game and get used to the various levels of difficulty in the game. These games are challenging, fun and act as a great exercise for your brain. These games often find unique ways to challenge the players so that they can try harder and harder to achieve success. Puzzle games like Candy Slide and Trixology are quite addictive and once you play it you will surely want to play more. This has allowed puzzle games to maintain a special place in the hall of fame of different categories of video games, where it stands as the fan favorite.

Generally, puzzle games go for a simple design that has clarity and a User Interface that can be easily understood and operated by anyone. Due to this, puzzle games have gained so much popularity that everyone, from a young kid to an adult are now hooked on to atleast one puzzle based game. In early day of gaming, puzzle games were seen as a casual form of games that can be played by anyone. But with the evolution of the technology and the gamers, puzzle games nowadays aren’t just limited to 2d graphics. Several puzzle games nowadays take you through the story of the protagonist, where you have to solve puzzles and advance through the levels. They utilize some of the best game engines to develop high quality games that are toe to toe with some of the best game titles in terms of the graphic design.

The puzzle game genre is considered to be very broad and most of the top games released nowadays are a blend of several different categories of game categories into the basic idea of a puzzle game. Games like Cartoon Robo, Paint run 3d and jigsaw balls are currently among the best games that fall under the puzzle gaming category. Puzzle games can utilize science, math, picture recognition skill and problem solving to create engaging games for the masses and when great graphics are added to it, the game becomes even better

Puzzle games are considered to be great for kids as it helps them to exercise their brains and come up with solutions of the task given to them. Due to this, the kids get prepared for the real life experiences. These games are also helpful in developing better IQ due to varying levels of difficulty that you will have to face after every level you advance through.